Development milestones

2000's Formally joined the shower room industry, laying the foundation for the year of entrepreneurship.

2005's Zhongshan Masa Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. was formally established, and then "1dquo; Masa Shower Room": the brand was fully introduced to the national market

2006's Due to the continuous development of the business, the company moved to nearly 2,000 square meters of workshops, the company's production structure and capabilities have been greatly improved, and successfully applied for a number of patented technologies and designs.

2008's Marks & Spencer continues to create new honors, and has successively obtained certificates of high-tech enterprises, Zhongshan Shower Room Association Supervisors, and joined the Zhongshan Shower Room Association in the same year to jointly draft the shower room alliance standards

2010's The company's business has developed rapidly, with continuous innovation in performance, and once again moved to a new plant with nearly 10,000 square meters, further expanding its scale.

2012's In order to maintain a stable and sustainable development, the company has increased R&D investment, innovated and designed a number of new products, and invested heavily in the 130 square image booth of the Shanghai Building Materials Exhibition in May 2012, and announced the exhibition in a high-profile manner, pushing the business to another peak

2013's In order to develop the shower room industry, the company invested heavily in the research and development of intelligent electric shower rooms and made breakthrough progress.The audience feasted their eyes.

2014's The company took part in the Shanghai exhibition with a high profile of the successfully developed intelligent electric shower room, vowing to push the Martha brand to another peak.

2015's The company has reached a strategic cooperation with Opec, the largest manufacturer of pulleys in the world, to change the structure of guide rails and pulleys in the shower room industry, open the application of a new generation of roller skating, and become a new benchmark in the industry; at the same time, the second-generation intelligent electric shower room is based on civilians. The way of integration has surprised the Shanghai International Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition, marking that the smart shower room can also enter thousands of households.

2016's In order to adapt to greater production needs, the company reached an agreement with a third-party production management company to push the production management to a new level, laying a solid foundation for Martha's prosperous development, borrowing numerous technology patents, and obtaining the honorary title of "high-tech enterprise".

2017's The company continued to invest heavily in the Shanghai International Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition to obtain 260 square meters of image booths, showing Martha's style in a higher posture. The new magnetic levitation power smart shower room was launched at the Shanghai Exhibition, and the brand-new technology drew the audience's attention. Thailand Masa Company was established and participated in the Thailand Commodity Exhibition to better develop the Southeast Asian market and engineering projects.

2018's The American Martha Company was established, and the North American Design and Research Center was established. Martha further laid out the company's global development. The world's first smart electric dual-activity door was launched. At the Shanghai exhibition, a new structure of smart electric doors was displayed, and the appearance of an ingenious shower room And the structural design will surely let the audience feast their eyes.

2019's A dealer conference was held at the Zhongshan headquarters to gather dealer strength and unite and cooperate to win the future; at the global new product launch conference, many minimalist new products were at the forefront of the industry.

2020's To fight the epidemic together, a nationwide micro-group and live broadcast promotion will be held at the beginning of the year, and many other preferential policies will be launched to ride through the difficulties with dealers; a new generation of store decoration styles will be launched, making minimalism unique.