Martha School of Business
Martha School of Business was initiated by
Stores occupy a place and must do something and make corresponding changes. Therefore, a differentiated competition model is particularly important.
Each sector that can be improved has a differentiated competition model. These systems and sectors can be replicated to more stores. Only when they are mature and successful can they truly help the dealers to grow.
Martha's business school training involves content: product section, personnel management section, store sales and management section, promotion and external expansion section, team management and corporate culture section, after-sales service section, corporate strategy, etc.
Introduction and characteristics of Martha School of Business

The target is the industry staff; through the introduction of corporate culture and the cultivation of the students’ learning habits, corporate employees and dealer employees are trained into professional talents; Martha Business School is formed into an intellectual platform for corporate knowledge management, talent processing, and market competition. Eventually become a reality
Now a powerful weapon for corporate strategic planning.

1.College philosophy: Martha Business School is designed and operated with corporate strategy, corporate culture, vocational skills and store sales management as the core, which helps to inculcate management and strategic ideas while improving professionalism, and form corporate cohesion and employee cohesion And combat effectiveness.
2.The multi-dimensional learning method of the mixed training mode based on the training method makes the construction of Marsha Business School professional, systematic and maximized.

3.The core of the school: The core of Martha's business school is knowledge and talents, two key factors, through the design of scientific teaching mechanism to create a knowledge resource system for enterprises and stores, and a knowledge management system; and through the Martha for business school to build corporate employees and stores The staff's talent production line creates a qualified professional talent team.
The benefits of learning and implementing terminal strategies

The store image has been greatly improved, and the flow of customers entering the store is high; multi-channel development expands sales; improved shopping guide skills, high turnover rate, high employee satisfaction, increased sense of belonging, and low employee turnover; a good learning atmosphere and a enthusiastic work state for employees. Conducive to the completion of store sales goals; teamwork spirit among colleagues; good sales service attitude, high customer satisfaction, conducive to secondary marketing.

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Six sections of Martha School of Business

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