The 21st century is the development prospect of China's shower room

Before the 1980s, China was dominated by agriculture and animal husbandry. After the 1980s, it entered the era of reform and opening up. After more than 30 years of reform and opening up, China has been the most successful country in the development of all countries in the world. This is a normal phenomenon. The United States is the most successful country in economic development in the 20th century, but it has also experienced 15 economic turbulences, but still sits on the status of a superpower unchanged, so this is The law of economic development.
With economic development, China’s urbanization process is increasing, and the urban population is increasing, and the demand for shower rooms is also rising; China’s real estate has been in a downturn in recent years. This is the result of the government's crackdown on the housing bubble, and this is the law of development. China has become the world To become a strong country, this is a fact sooner or later. Time waits for no one. We must take the initiative to face everything. We must move forward with confidence and create our own value.
The government is carrying out corruption and bribery crimes of "fighting tigers" across the country, removing obstacles in economic development, increasing investment in social security and medical insurance, improving education, culture and ethics, and building a harmonious society. Hong Kong and Singapore are doing everything in place, so Can become the four little dragons of Asia。
The 21st century belongs to China. We must set up great goals and strive for life to build an economically powerful country. Young people are wise and the country is wise, young people are rich and the country is rich, young people are strong and the country is strong, young people are independent and the country is independent, and young people are free and the country is free. , Youth progresses, the country progresses, the youth is better than Europe, the country is better than Europe, and the youth is better than the earth, and the country is better than the earth.
Sunrise industry, unlimited prospects
The shower room emerged in China in the 1980s, and its development is only 30 to 40 years old. It is developing at an average annual rate of 30%. The process of urbanization in China is accelerating, and people's lifestyles are changing. The shower room is already a must. The speed is still growing at a rate of 30% every year, so this industry has unlimited prospects.
In the development stage, the market is not standardized, and enterprises must upgrade and integrate.
Relatively speaking, the entry barrier of the shower room industry is low, so many new manufacturers are flooding in at once. The technical standards are uneven, R&D and services are poor; as the market matures, the survival of the fittest is bound to be; because most of the manufacturers are facing the choice of dealers. , It is inevitable that I am a little overwhelmed and have a lot of questions:
Dealer Question 1: There are many manufacturers, which is the leading brand that can see in the future, how do you choose?
Distributor Question 2: The homogeneity of products is serious, and they are all in a price war, and profits are unintentionally evaporated. What should be done?
Dealer Question 3: The manufacturer's after-sales service, promotion, and training are not in place, and sales cannot break through. What should I do?
Shower room is an ordinary low-threshold industry; Martha has already made an extraordinary high-threshold industry. From the development path of mobile home appliances, it is enough to meet the basic needs of customers at the beginning. In the early stage of industrial development, users are also There is no very special need. With the improvement of living standards, users' material and spiritual civilizations have made a qualitative leap. They began to notice more personalized products that are more suitable for them, and they are more convenient to use. Therefore, there are smart home appliances and mobile phones. Concepts are then used from concept to realization.
The shower room has developed for a certain period of time, and it is no longer a simple combination of a few pieces of aluminum and a few pieces of glass; Martha Fuzi has a spirit, a personality, a concept, an ideal, a culture, etc., when these The elements are gathered together and become a symbol of a brand. Therefore, Martha has invested heavily in the research and development of smart shower rooms and independently developed many patented products such as hardware molds. These differentiated Products are the inevitable way for Martha's branding, so Martha has made the shower room an extraordinary industry.

Martha foreseeing wealth
A strong R&D team, R&D practitioners have more than ten years of work experience in the shower room industry, ensuring differentiated products.
Excellent planning and marketing team, brand innovation planning, promotion planning, and differentiated marketing to ensure the effective implementation of each plan.
The professional sales training team guides dealers in professional shopping guide, professional management and professional marketing.
Perfect after-sales service, dedicated person to follow up after-sales progress, five-year warranty and lifetime maintenance.
Combine with Baidu and 360 Promotion to increase visibility and target potential customers and increase transaction rate.